Klenz your footwear

Micro-organisms inside footwear are a major cause of foot infection and odour. klenz-footwear

Minimise the risk of infection and reduce odour – ask Total Foot Health to KLENZ your footwear using Klenz’s Nano Silver and Ozone technology – it is the most effective way to eradicate micro-organisms inside your shoes.

Even if you successfully treat your feet for an infection, you could re-infect yourself as soon as you put your shoes back on.

Klenz uses a combination of Nano Silver and Ozone, both incredibly strong sterilising agents, to eradicate bacteria, fungi and other problem micro-organisms inside your shoes. Klenz uses NO heat or liquid – your shoes will not be damaged.

klentzTo sanitize your shoes only takes 8 minutes. Cost: € 2,99 per pair.

Athlete’s foot affects 1 in 7 adults. Footwear is the perfect environment for the fungal spores that cause the infection. Even a 40 degree centigrade wash will not kill them yet Klenz will eradicate them. Unlike treatments such as sprays, Klenz sanitizes every last square millimetre of your shoes – meaning the chance of infection is minimised.

Klenz has the added bonus of:

  • reducing odour – by killing bacteria – the cause of nasty smells
  • slowing deterioration of footwear – by eliminating mould and mildew

Silver is non-toxic, non-allergenic and therefore not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.