Cosmetic treatments

When you receive a cosmetic treatment , you will really get pampered:

Starting off with a relaxing foot bath with ‘Dead Sea salt’, after which your feet will be scrubbed, removing dead skin cells, stimulating the blood circulation and opening up the pores of your skin.

Next, you can try a foot mask of Signora Collina. This is a 100% natural product, based on ethereal oils. A choice can be made between either a cold or a warm mask. During such a mask your feet will be covered for ten minutes with foil. Once rinsed with warm water your skin is not only fed, but will feel really soft.

Massage makes healthy

Finally you could choose receiving a massage of your feet and legs. Such a relaxing massage will dispose of waste products and will stimulate the blood circulation. It is proven that a massage will increase the amount of white blood cells, which will have a positive effect on our immune system and could diminish stress. Also during massage the hormone oxytocine will be released. This hormone will give you a feeling of security and safety thereby again diminishing stress in our body. Reason enough to regularly take a foot massage.