Athletes’ treatments

More and more people nowadays perform some kind of sport. Not just in jogging, but in fact with almost all activities each movement starts from one’s feet. Therefore any pain originating from the feet could cause an unnatural movement thereby increasing the possibility of injuries. That is why it will be important that one’s feet are kept in a good condition. In other words: give your feet the attention they deserve and need, it is most certainly not a luxury.

What can you do yourself?

You must take great care in wearing the right shoes. Each different sport calls for a sport shoe that meets specific requirements. The effect of poorly fitting shoes could be, for instance:

  • Blue, broken or grown-in toenails
  • Cracked skin at the heels
  • Excessive sweating
  • Blisters

To prevent blisters:

Especially in the beginning of the season, when the skin has not yet been exposed to pressure or friction, there is a likelihood of blisters to occur. Particularly in this period it is important to take protective measures. Protect sensitive skin areas during training and matches with, for instance, ‘Leukoplast’ (not a normal band aid) which will make the shoe rub against the plaster rather than against the skin. To prevent the formation of blisters it will be important for shoes to fit properly. Some athletes wax their shoes on the inside with vaseline and do not wear any socks. If you do suffer from blisters on your feet, try and find better fitting shoes and rub in those places with Vaseline where blisters are likely to emerge.

What will ‘Voetpraktijk Branding’ be able to do for athletes?

‘Voetpraktijk Branding’ will help to keep your feet in good and healthy condition thereby preventing problems and identifying in time the possible pain spots. Advise can be given purchasing the correct sportswear and of course, above all, about the personal care of your feet and nails.