Pedicure treatments

A pedicure treatment is important for everyone. Male or female, young or old, whether you often sit,
stand or walk, everyone will benefit from a good pedicure treatment. Have you ever realised that
your whole body weight is carried by your feet? And did you know that when you are having pain in your
feet, unconsciously your body posture could change, creating back or neck complaints.
Preventive care of one’s feet by a ProVoet pedicure is important for everyone and is beneficial to your complete body and health.

People who stand long hours during work, diabetics or rheumatic patients, elderly people, and those with Parkinson’s disease for instance or other muscle-diseases will benefit from a good foot treatment. This also goes for athletes. Taking care of your feet by removing hard skin or corn or treating other problems with skin or nails, will greatly contribute to sportive achievements and general health.


‘Voetpraktijk Branding’ works only with 100% natural products: Oléo-Calcaire of Gifrer, as a general care product. This ointment is based on 100% olive oil dissolved in calciumhychoxide. It contains no preservatives, no perfume and can be used to treat redness and irritation of the skin.

You can also buy cosmetic nail varnish especially developed against fungi. Since the nail varnish breathes, whereas normal nail varnish does not, the nail underneath the nail varnish does not get moist and the treatment of fungi nails, for example applying the anti-fungi tincture, is no longer a problem.

For more information on specific treatments, please refer to the related pages.